Home-Cooked Stovetop Stuffing

Just like mom made? Stovetop stuffing is another popular holiday tradition. That red cardboard box had a reserved seat at most family tables and you probably couldn’t get enough. Who could have imagined that some stale bread, spices, and dried vegetables cooked up in a little butter could and would taste so good? If you’re … More Home-Cooked Stovetop Stuffing

Just Like Turkey Gravy

Down Memory Lane You may have memories of a family member standing over a pan of turkey drippings, skimming off the fat and adding flour, maybe a little sherry–and if super traditional–chopped giblets that had been stewing all day. You can probably taste it now, thick, rich, delicious–but also very high in sodium and gluten. … More Just Like Turkey Gravy

Sweet Potato Pancakes

A breakfast that will have you leaping out of bed These delicious sweet potato pancakes are a treat to make and even better to eat! Made with a few simple ingredients, including sweet potato, coconut flour, almond milk, eggs, honey, and cinnamon, they are easy to prepare and full of nutrients. These pancakes make a … More Sweet Potato Pancakes

Jackfruit Curry

The Meaty Vegetable Jackfruit is a unique tropical fruit indigenous to the rainforests of India. It is cultivated in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka and was introduced to the States around the early 1800’s. In South and Southeast India, the fruit’s popularity ranks with the ever-popular mango and banana.

Hearty Chicken, Carrot, & Rice Soup

A hearty and healthy winter warmer This delicious and healthy meal will be an easy family favorite in an instant. The simple yet satisfying combination of chicken, rice, and vegetables, doused in rich broth is the perfect winter comfort food. Full of flavor, energy, and nutrients, this soup is an ideal weekday lunch that will … More Hearty Chicken, Carrot, & Rice Soup

Chocolate Hummus

Turn this classic savory dip into a satisfying sweet treat This unusual sweet take on traditional hummus is as nourishing as it is delicious, and not as weird as it sounds! Some might find the idea of chocolate hummus somewhat unexpected, but this is sure to become a future favorite. Ready in under a minute, … More Chocolate Hummus

Super Simple Vegan Brownies

The only brownie recipe you’ll ever need These rich, sticky, indulgent chocolate bites are the best no-bake brownies we’ve ever tried! It’s a big claim, but once you’ve tried this super simple recipe, you won’t need any other. Packed with a deliciously dense combination of dates, almonds, and cocoa, these are a decadent yet nutritious … More Super Simple Vegan Brownies

Thanksgiving Chicken Salad

Thanksgiving Everyday Whether you’re finding yourself in the holiday spirit early, looking for a new way to enjoy leftovers, or just want to get the taste of Thanksgiving on a random Tuesday, this Thanksgiving Chicken Salad recipe is for you. Don’t be surprised, if after first tasting this, you find yourself giving thanks on the … More Thanksgiving Chicken Salad

Cranberry Sauce

A Dish for Two Holidays Cranberry sauce maintains a rightful place on tables throughout the holiday season. It’s perfect compliment to a savory Thanksgiving turkey (and great as a spread on sandwiches made with leftovers) and a festive dish for a pretty Christmas table. Whether you grew up eating the “real” thing or slices of … More Cranberry Sauce

Light Green Bean Casserole

A Thanksgiving Staple Green bean casserole has long had it’s place on the Thanksgiving table. A staple in many households and flush with good-for-you vegetables like green beans, onions, and mushrooms, you may remember it being touted as a “healthier” side (especially healthier than say macaroni and cheese) and eating it may take you back … More Light Green Bean Casserole