Sweet Potato Pancakes

A breakfast that will have you leaping out of bed

These delicious sweet potato pancakes are a treat to make and even better to eat! Made with a few simple ingredients, including sweet potato, coconut flour, almond milk, eggs, honey, and cinnamon, they are easy to prepare and full of nutrients.

These pancakes make a perfect, healthy, nutritious weekend breakfast, but can also be enjoyed at lunchtime. Top them with fresh berries, banana slices, or nut butter (or all three – we won’t judge!).

Powerhouse paleo pancakes that are full of goodness

Sweet potatoes are great for baking with because of their delicious sweet-but-not-too-sweet flavor, their high fiber content, and because they hold the ingredients together with their moist yet starchy texture.

Sweet potatoes are high in fiber, which promotes a healthy digestive system as well as keeping you feeling fuller for longer and preventing blood sugar spikes. They are also full of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin A and B, calcium, selenium, and iron, and their high physterol content is thought to help guard against stomach ulcers. Half of a sweet potato counts towards one of your five a day.

Coconut flour is another great ingredient if you want to enjoy baked goods without relying on too many processed flours. This flour is naturally gluten-free and high in protein, fiber and healthy fats, making it extremely filling.

However, be aware that it is extremely absorbent, so if you are using it as a substitute for a grain-based flour, you will need to reduce the quantity considerably. As a guide, you can probably use about ¼ cup of coconut flour for every cup of wheat or rice-based flour. Alternatively, or as well, you may need to increase the amount of liquid in your recipe.

In this recipe, the sweet potato, eggs, and almond milk provide the necessary moisture to balance the dryness of the coconut flour.

Have patience before you flip

Did you know that the first pancake in a batch is often referred to as the ‘chef’s pancake’? This is because it can be tricky to get the temperature of the pan and the timing of the flip just right. You need to be patient to ensure that the first side is cooked through, but also take care not to burn the pancake after it’s been flipped. Think of the first one as a practice and the rest will be perfect!

Sweet potato pancake ingredients

Sweet Potato Pancakes

1 medium sweet potato, steamed and mashed

1½ cup almond milk

½ cup coconut flour

2 medium eggs

2 Tbsp honey

1 tsp ground cinnamon

coconut oil for greasing


  1. Peel, chop, and steam the sweet potato until very soft.
    Sweet Potato Pancake done
  2. Put the cooked sweet potato in a food processor or blender with the almond milk, coconut flour, eggs, honey, and cinnamon and blend until there are no lumps in the batter.
  3. Heat a greased non-stick pan and allow it to get very hot, so you can cook the pancakes.
  4. Spoon 1 tablespoon of batter into the pan, shape into a circle, and cook until the top of the pancake starts to firm up and you start to see bubbles appearing. This will take around 2-3 minutes.
    Sweet potato Pancake cooking
  5. Flip the pancake and cook the other side.
  6. Place the pancake on a plate then repeat for the next pancake.

Recipe Notes

  • The pancakes can be served immediately, or allowed to cool and enjoyed later. They can be stored in the fridge for up to a week.
  • You will need to make sure that the bottom of the pancake is properly cooked before you flip it, but also take care not to burn. Sometimes the first pancake is best thought of as a practice run!
  • You can substitute other types of squash for the sweet potato, such as pumpkin. Other kinds of milk can be used in place of the almond milk, and you can use more traditional flours instead of the coconut flour. However, you will need to increase the amount of more traditional flours as coconut flour is extremely absorbent. Maple syrup, agave nectar, or stevia can be used instead of honey.
  • This recipe is paleo, dairy-free, and gluten-free.

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