Banana and Lucuma Glazed Donuts

By Ashley Collins This gluten, dairy and refined sugar-free recipe is focused on finding balance. It’s not about depriving oneself of certain foods but finding healthy ways to fit them in. This is a creative way to incorporate superfoods while making a delicious and nutritious baked donut suitable for children and enjoyed by all! 

Raw Courgette Pesto Pasta

By Jennifer Moore This recipe reminds me of the concept of bio-individuality that I learned at IIN. Although it is a raw, vegan and gluten free creation, it can be tailored to meet every individuals dietary needs, as we are all different! 

Vanilla Banana Raspberry Swirl

By Haley Ferretti This quick simple smoothie bowl is perfect for warm weather! The bright colors are an awesome way to start your morning on a positive note. How can you be in a bad mood looking at bright pinks?

Maple Mustard Mason Jar Salad

By Gail Sauter This is one of my go-to meals when I’m looking for something clean, delicious, balanced and filling. No matter which diet is right for you and your body, you can’t go wrong with this portable and eye-pleasing mix of veggies, fruit, clean protein and healthy fat. Enjoy!