Vegan Mac Attack!

By Haley Ferretti This mouthwatering recipe is great substitute for typical mac and cheese but without all the cheese and butter! Plus you get some vegetables too!

Spring Potato Salad

By Cara Miller Adding seasonal vegetables to old classic recipes is my specialty! Here I take boring potato salad and turn it into a colorful Spring Fest! The spring radishes and parsley begin our detoxification process and the potatoes keep us connected with the earth as we begin to break through winter stagnation and blossom.

Pumpkin Sweet Potato and Turkey Chili

By Nicole Baker I love anything and everything pumpkin and sweet potatoes! On chilly fall or winter days, I love creating slow cooker meals to warm my body and my soul. 

Strawberry Coconut Chia Seed Parfait with Whipped Cream

By Dorit Jaffe This recipe is something I developed after being inspired by so many other drool-worthy recipes. I love making healthy but “indulgent-looking” recipes, especially when they are nourishing and oh so flavorful!