Simple Chocolate Mousse

By Dr. Jennifer Weinberg

Quick to throw together with very few ingredients, this decadent gluten-free chocolate mousse proves that cooking with real-food ingredients doesn’t have to be complicated or keep you in the kitchen for hours! Plus, chocolate is a true superfood – check out its health benefits here!

Simple Chocolate Mousse


2 (5.3 oz) cups Siggi’s Skyr Vanilla Icelandic-Style Yogurt (you can use Greek yogurt, or coconut milk/non-dairy yogurt for a vegan version)

10-20 drops vanilla stevia

4 tsp. unsweetened organic cacao powder (to taste)

2 tbsp. coconut cream

1 pinch sea salt

Shaved unsweetened organic chocolate (optional garnish)


  1. Stir the cacao powder, vanilla stevia and sea salt into the yogurt and combine well
  2. Gently fold in the coconut cream
  3. Serve chilled and garnish with shaved chocolate, if desired



Dr. Jennifer L. Weinberg MD MPH MBE is a Preventive and Lifestyle Medicine Physician author of The Whole Cure and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach! She takes a comprehensive approach to wellness by looking at lifestyle, diet, movement, stress management and environmental exposures and offers innovative educational and group programs. She also supports other coaches and health professionals by providing health communication and editorial services and corporate wellness programs. Learn more at

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    1. Hi Julianah – coconut sugar was removed from the recipe since it calls for stevia. Thanks for catching this 🙂

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