Quick and Simple Turkey Chili

By Jessi Andricks Turkey chili has always been a favorite of mine, especially with my mom’s recipe. After years of not eating meat, this was one of the first recipes I made again and the very first “meat” recipe to share on my blog.

Gluten-Free Gorgeous Carrot Cake

By Daniel Churchill This cake holds a pretty sentimental aspect to the beginning of my baking life. Growing up I was into making muffins and cookies but when mum was diagnosed as celiac, I decided to embrace it and come up with more deliciously clean options.

Buckwheat, Beet and Apple Porridge

By Nathalie Fraise Before attending Integrative Nutrition, I felt very intimidated by cooking. I didn’t have much experience in the kitchen, and I felt overwhelmed by all the conflicting information out there on what constitutes a healthy meal.

Simple Braised Kale with Apples and Carrots

By Dr. Jennifer Weinberg I learned at IIN to appreciate the power of simple foods in their whole food state, and this dish beautifully highlights how delicious simply prepared real food can be!

Your Daily Dose of Magnesium Smoothie

By Yvonne Wilhelmi I created this recipe based on a client’s request to reduce the need to take supplements. I call this type of recipe a “functional recipe” because it serves a purpose – in this case, to replace a 400 mg magnesium pill per day with natural food.

Red Lentil Fettuccine with Soyrizo Ragu

By Ciry Deissl-Gibbs This dish is simple, delicious and nutritious. This is the first 100% plant-based dish that I made for my family and they truly loved it.